Rockt, The smart contract powered social trading platform.

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What is Rockt?

Rockt is creating a decentralized social trading platform with more: more transparency, more security, and more social. Join thousands of others to copy professional crypto traders and fund managers, or create your own tokenized fund using our smart contract and trading platform!

The Portal

The base for everything Rockt related. See your portfolio's performance, find details of your Rockt card, vote on community ideas, or navigate to Rockt Social and Rockt Trader.

The Trader

Get the latest news straight to your browser, set up copy funds to become an influencer, and trade on the Rockt DEX or multiple other exchanges through the Rockt DEX pool or smart custody services.

The Social

Find influencers, browse their profiles, view their trading history and trading style, find out who suits your trading style, and finally lock your crypto into a smart contract to let them trade for you.

The Funds

Setting up a tokenised passive or actively managed fund is as simple as a few clicks, no need to hire expensive developers. Conduct the sale and create the contract right here on our platform!

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work

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So you're a details person? That's fine, so are we! Find everything you need to know about Rockt below.


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What are we doing, and by when?.

Q4 2018
Q4 2018
Q1 2019
Q1 2019
Q2 2019
Q3 2019
Q4 2019

Rockt Portal v0.1

Rockt Portal v0.1 will be launched, this will provide the following features:

  • Withdrawal of Holdings
  • Basic Voting
  • Performance Tracking

Token Sale

The token sale will be held to accelerate development and onboard the full technical team.

Rockt Portal v0.2

Rockt Portal v0.2 will be launched, this will provide the following features:

  • Collective Market Intelligence
  • Advanced Voting

Rockt Trader

The Rockt Trader platform will be developed to enable fast multi-exchange execution of trades from within the Rockt Portal.

Rockt Social

The social copy-trading platform will be developed to enable Rockt holders to copy professional traders with the click of a button.

AI Platform

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be injected into every aspect of Rockt available in the form of indicators for influencers.

Full Decentralisation

The move to a fully decentralised, cross-chain platform will be complete.

Rockt team

Just like our platform, we're a globally distributed team. We're all committed to providing Rockt users with an unforgettable experience.

Scott Waddell
Scott Waddell

Founder & CEO

Michael Wheeler
Sergio Pereira

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Wheeler
Daniel Thomas

Chief Financial Officer

Fabian Dominguez
Fabian Dominguez

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler

Head of Business Development

Jose Bejar
Joaquin Bejar

Head of Data & Business Intelligence

Tammy Smith
Ömer F. Güven

Senior Financial Advisor

Tammy Smith
Tammy Smith

Head of People & Culture

The Big Bounty Programme

Want to help spread the word about Rockt? Why not earn some Rockt tokens while you're at it!

Full Bounty Details

Newsletter Bounty


Category Percentage: 5%

Twitter Bounty


Category Percentage: 15%

Facebook Bounty


Category Percentage: 10%

YouTube Bounty


Category Percentage: 15%

Blog Bounty


Category Percentage: 10%

BitcoinTalk Bounty


Category Percentage: 15%

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Translation Bounty


Category Percentage: 10%

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Referral Bounty


Category Percentage: 20%

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